Saturday, September 19, 2009

About Us......1st posting

Well, today is the first day of this blog. I've been thinking of doing this for a while and, well, here we are. Life at the Trimmer house is eventful at times and pretty uneventful at other times! We are approaching middle agedness and it scares the hell out of me for many reasons! I am young at heart, my husband not so much:) We are 37 and 38 and live in Southern Utah.

I was born and raised in upstate NY and he in Southern Utah. I am have always been a small town girl at heart and experience and he a Western small town, country farm boy. He grew up hunting, fishing, trapping, and farming. He is the only boy and has one older sister. He grew up poor but rich in Western culture and experience. I grew up on the banks of Lake Ontario with 2 older brothers and a younger brother. We as a family were poor as well but learning was very important to both of our parents so that we could be whatever we wanted to be. I spent my summers swimming at the lake, playing at the lake and riding my bike through town exploring with my friends as we went. My parents were not good communicators and they passed that trait to all of their children. We didn't learn and weren't expected to talk about what was going on with us on the inside (I continue to struggle with this and it causes me many problems!) My parents ended up splitting up and after 23 years have never divorced! My parents have issues and I spend my adult life trying to keep myself from becoming them as I think we all do! I don't know how well I'm winning that battle!

So, my husband and I have been married for 7 years now and have 3 dogs at our house and 3 cats as well. I say "at our house" because my husband has 12 hound dogs that he uses to catch mountain lions and bears at my in-laws farm. I am a Special Education teacher and director and my husband works for the county as a maintenance and custodial supervisor. We don't have any children but have investigated ways to have them. I was diagnosed as a juvenile diabetic when I was 11 and the doctors said about 5 years ago that it probably wasn't smart that I carry a child. They said I could lose my kidneys, being a long term diabetic makes it so that a fetus could have problems related to my kidneys too. Not such good luck! We researched (okay, I did!) having someone be a gestational surrogate, where our fetus would be created in a petrie dish and then implanted into someone else to carry. Crazy huh? We had 2 possibilities and neither of them worked out for us. It could have potentially cost $100,000 and with no guarantees of a baby so we decided not to go that route. Sooooo we would like to still have a child but it costs money to adopt a baby too! We are pretty tight financially and are struggling to start the process. Hopefully it can happen for us before we get too much older because we are good people and would make good parents!

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