Sunday, September 20, 2009

the Peach Jam Adventure!

Santequin, Utah has the best peaches in the state! Grandpa V's fruit stand is a family operated stand that sells peaches and much more! Every year (for the last 2) I go and buy peaches and bring them home. What I do after that depends on a few things. Sometimes I get right to it and bottle up the peaches and make jam, other times (not in the last 2 years but with many things that involve produce to be processed) I leave it to rot in my kitchen! Today I began the process of making jam. So far so good but I've only just begun by blanching the peaches to get the skins off! We'll see how things go the rest of the day and how my motivation holds out!

Okay, so it's hours later and I've bottled 14 and a half, half pints of jam and have another 7-8 more ready to cook! I have eaten ramen and peanut m&m's for lunch and am ready for something else! Definitely not a peach! Oh, the buzzer is ringing to tell me that some of my jam is ready to pull out of the water!

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